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No 43, Majestic Way

Telephone 01952 593445 / 0777 331 8065 (evenings only)


Having successfully worked in portraiture since 1993 and living locally which helps, I have therefore no problem in tackling portrait commissions asked of me.

A portrait is the ideal gift for any occasion whether it be Christmas or Birthday; and unlike some modern photography the painting will last for many, many years. The personal touch of the artist also makes the portrait special.

Other paintings for sale include landscapes, Venice scenes, general scenes and wildlife.


For a commission I will work from a GOOD photograph, but on some occasions I will take my own for reference and obviously make some preliminary sketches before the final painting.

Please visit my website or contact me as above for further details.




                                           ABOUT THE ARTIST:
Mike Hatch the painter has always been interested in art, even when he was a young child, he was drawing people and buildings around him, from T.V. and films,
Officially started painting in 1990, working on landscape scenes around Shropshire, and other views around the U.K. After getting 2 G.C.S.E’s in Art & Graphics at school, studied went onto Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology, achieving a 1st.Diploma both in Art & Commercial art, then achieved 3 City & Guilds in Signwriting, also in those formidable years, a 1st.Diploma in
Commercial advertising art with I.C.S.
Mikes ever-continuous development in artistic style and creative growth ultimately means he is flexible to adapt to many various & interesting subjects, where-by commissions asked of him so far being 150 and counting! In 2001-3 through an agent, (1 of 3), Mike sold 5 original paintings to a large prestigious hotel in Italy, plus various prints to a restaurant in Spain, also to add, up to 20 sold paintings of the Titanic to many various galleries in and around Birmingham and London. Not to mention selling many original works in various exhibitions around Shropshire. To add, he has painted the `great and the good`-local businessmen & actors, sold an original oil painting to & of the actor; Edward Woodward in 2005,
His varied artistic past, means now that he can now fully expand artistically furthering onto more complex arrangements, and really test his abilities by, venturing onto large scale religious works, based on Rembrandt and Titian`s sketches & etchings, the largest so far being 12 foot long, and depicts the ceremony of Jesus in the temple, which was exhibited (plus the 12 others) in Shrewsbury Abbey in 2007-where many prints were sold. The artist also took part in Channel 4`s ‘watercolour challenge’, in 1998 painting Ludlow Castle, which immensely boosted not only his confidence, but also his commercial viability as a successful artist.   
 To conclude: the artist continues to exhibit up and down the country, so far having 75+ shows, and running his own Art School based in Wellington, now gaining qualifications. For details, visit: www.mikesartschool.co.uk   
                        or E-mail: mikehatchartist@btinternet.com
For alot more of my work to view, please go to: http://mikesartschool.co.uk/page11 http://mikesartschool.co.uk/page11. Thank-you.
Any queries, please don't hesitate to E-mail me: mailto: mikehatchartist@btinternet.com"   mikehatchartist@btinternet.com

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